Cutlery, knives & small items

Nothing creates more chaos than small bits and pieces. In order to keep everything in check, each item has its own place and is stowed away in the right spot, such as the spice jars or the utensils tray.

Spices & other pantry items

Spices and foodstuff should be kept in airtight storage containers. Organize your provisions and bottles by their contents in well-arranged containers. It is useful to always have frequently used ingredients close at hand, such as flour and sugar.

Pots, pans & utensils

You can arrange items more neatly and create more storage space by doing the following: Place pots and pans into one other, arrange the lids by size in the bulthaup plate holders, and stow away cooking utensils in containers.

Dishware & glassesĀ 

Time to stack: Glasses can easily be stored in the cupboard. Plates and bowls can be sorted by size and stacked in the pull-out drawer. This tidies things up and provides more storage space in the kitchen.

We warmly invite you to visit us to explore how to stow and tidy up kitchen tools and utensils yourself. We look forward to seeing you soon!